Time to Move Up

As you know we have two venues for swimming lessons.  Sprowston Manor and Sprowston Academy. All our swimmers start at Sprowston Manor and eventually progress to a point that they need to move up to Sprowston High School.

You have been sent this link as it is time for your swimmer to move up – this is great news – your swimmers teachers have been discussing what’s best for your swimmers development and feel this move is the next step.

What does this mean for you?

Lessons run on Monday 16:00-19:30 and Wednesday 16:00-19:00. Depending on your swimmers exact ability there are a selection of spaces across both sessions that will suit them. Let us know which day is best for you and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will try and get a best time for you however the lessons are always in demand and this might not happen (we can always move your time as a space becomes available).

What are lessons like at Sprowston Academy?

We have more staff on hand and there are usually 4 abilities swimming at the same time (4 lanes each with a lesson). Kriston takes the register and gets the swimmers into their lanes.

Monday’s Team

Kriston, Maike, Crystal, Chris, Josh, Katelin, Eve & Tyler

Wednesday’s Team

Kriston, Maike, Crystal, Sam, Megan, Josh, Eve & Callum

I’m concerned about the move, what do I do?

Please raise any concerns with us straight away, we understand that a move can be unsettling, however we manage the move closely and ensure that your swimmer settles well in the new lesson. Something we have learnt is that a new venue can often throw a swimmers confidence, so the sooner we address that the better. I know it is a big change for you and your swimmer, however this is a good move for them. At present these are the only days that we have available in a larger pool for these lessons. I am always on the look out for more pool time, but it is always elusive.

Finally, What can you do at this pool thats different?

Fun week is always good, we can play water-polo, use inflatables, big team games. From a lesson perspective, we can run a full Personal Survival course and bigger stamina building sessions, as well as give the swimmers more space to move than they have had at the Manor.

Email: info@pacificblueswimschool.org

Text: 07711 168708