September 2018

25th August 2018 @ 05:30

September Lessons – What’s going on?

Its Saturday morning and I have been up since 05:30 looking at the registers, and trying to stretch my morning coffee out – I have a great bunch of new swimmers that need spaces (which I know we have) and lots of movers (Which we have every year).

  • So what am I going to do?
    • Have a reshuffle of every swimmer – Nearly of 300 now.
  • OH NO! What does this mean?
    • More cohesive groups
    • Less of a big split of ability
    • Siblings may have to be in separate lessons
    • Sprowston Manor will become a consistently 95% total learner pool
      • Stronger swimmers may be able to stay in the very last lesson slot
      • If your swimmer(s) need to move its for their benefit
    • Sprowston High School will have less ability split across the sessions
    • Simpler for us to move swimmers as they progress (always been difficult as there have been spaces, but not the right ones).
  • What’s Next?
    • Over the next couple of days I aim to finalise spaces for everyone, making use of the lessons spaces/teachers we have available ensuring that we offer the best possible lesson for every swimmer.
    • At the end of this reshuffle we are hoping to make up for the awful start to the holiday by having 3 family days away, not sure where, but we need it.

Thanks for bearing with me, your patience and understanding is appreciated.


24th August 2018 @ 21:00

Summer Holiday, what happened?
Well it all started so well with our first proper dry out week since Christmas, but Zach had Chickenpox (while camping) and on the way home we were involved in a Road Traffic Collision (Police words as they say there is no such thing as an accident, someone is always at fault) so 200 miles away (near Reading) we lost our car, trailer and camping gear (which would mean no camping holiday at the end of August). We managed to get home 8 hrs late and so tired we weren’t hungry.

Back in the pool on the Monday after (following 7 hours of phone calls and emails trying to sort insurance and a third party claim). I really struggled, full of aches and pains (no fun). To the point where I had to get out and go home, the same thing occurred Wednesday and I ended up at the Dr’s – you all saw my shout out for some form of Physio, which I have started – I am keeping mobile, but not exerting myself or doing anything silly, which is hard work.

The first week back (6th-10th August) was supposed to be my register week however I spent the entire week dealing with insurance companies, intermediaries, representatives and finding a replacement car, not what I had planned.

The second week (13th-17th August) was spent trying to sort out Summer registers and teacher cover for me as I wasn’t going to be in work that week, I had to deal with the salvage of the written of car and the trailer was delivered to us (200 miles) for me to say “yes it is written off and we’ve still lost most of our camping gear”. We also had some childcare issues and a close family bereavement, not a great week all in all and i’m glad that one is over.

Now we are at the end of week 3 and Ive been dealing with an unexpected closure of our main pool – Sprowston High School – The Main Pump failed and needed removal and major refurbishment/rebuilding, a specialist job needing specialist parts, They are also removing the pool surround (where we all slip) and replacing it at the same time – All last minute and I have only just found out about it.