It's not if you can, It’s when you will.
It's not if you can, It’s when you will.

My Lessons

My Lessons

Hi Everyone, we have something new and exciting coming to you. Its called ‘MY LESSONS’.

What is ‘My Lessons’?

‘My Lessons’ is a new parent portal, it will enable you to see key information about your swimmer(s).

  • Family Information – Names, D/O/B, Address, Contact Information
  • Waiting List – If you are on a waiting list for a different lesson
  • Upcoming Lesson – When, Where & Who’s the teacher of your lessons
  • Awards – What stages your swimmers have completed
    • Please note this is only 100% completed stages, swimmers work on 2 or 3 stages at a time as they learn new skills and as they pass these will be added
    • So if it shows stages 1,2 & 3 your swimmer will be working on stages 4,5 & 6.
  • Messages – You can message us directly from My Lessons – these messages come direct to our email address (and with some upcoming changes will mean they get answered and you get responses).

Please look out for your logon text/email, set up your password and have a look, if you have any questions please email us through ‘My Lessons


See you poolside

Kriston & The Crew