It's not if you can, It’s when you will.
It's not if you can, It’s when you will.


Membership & Fees

Annual Membership

Cost £12.50 per swimmer

Annual Membership covers all our back office costs, insurances, DBS checks, Admin Software, Updates etc. We will collect this via your normal payment method.

Monthly Fees

Due on or around 1st of each month
Cost £9.00 per lesson

Monthly fees cover the cost of teachers and pool hire. The amount will depend on how many lessons are in each month – usually 2,3,4 or 5. Our Calendar has all our planned sessions for the year listed, however if you are unsure please ask. This money is collected via your normal payment method.

Fees are reviewed every February, we will always endeavour to keep our fees competitive for the lessons that we offer.

Lesson Cancellations

We Cancel – We will adjust the following months direct debit to credit you the missed session.
You Cancel – We still need to charge for the booked lesson as we have arranged the pool hire and teacher costs.