Q. How long does it take to learn to swim?

A. This is a piece of string question.  Everyone learns differently, everyone has different steps to take to become Confident, Compitent & Strong.  As a rule of thumb if you and your child are comfortable in water the process will usually start with learning core skills. If you and your child aren’t comfortable in water then we will focus on confidence first.
Q. What do we bring?
A. Essentials – Swimwear (not baggy), Goggles, Hat (for long hair), Towel, Bag for wet gear.
Non-Essentials – Own Buoancy Aids (we will change these as we see fit), Toys (these can aid learning and ease nervous swimmers).
Q. Do I need to get in? 
A. Ideally there should be no need for you to get in. However some children (even confident ones) can struggle with routine changes people, places, times and separation anxiety are the most common. In some instances we may recommend that you get in and we wean your swimmer across to us.  Whatever happens though please don’t worry, stay calm and let us do what we have tried and tested, there is no set rule or standard issue child they are all unique and learn differently. .
Q. Can I take photos/videos? 
A. Sprowston Manor – No this is against the venue rules.
Sprowston High School  – please ask, as we now keep a log and check with all parents present.
Remember we will take photos/videos for you during each term.
Q. What if my child is ill? 
A. Sickness – for everyone’s safety we need 48hrs clear of symptoms before swimming.
Bugs & Viral infections – all children handle these differently, however bear in mind that you wouldn’t want to catch someone else’s bugs.
Ear infections – it’s best to stay dry with these, persistent infections could mean Glu Ear or Grommits, both are common.  Going under the water (part of every lesson) can aggravate the symptoms. please do not swim until it has cleared up.
Q. Where do we change? 
A. Changing facilities vary from pool to pool.
All Venues –
– Children aged 8+ must use their own changing rooms – there are no exceptions.
– Do Not change on poolside.
– Adults must enter through the appropriate changing room.
If you have any concerns please raise them straight away.
Q.What else do I need to know?
A. Not much really, depending on your swimmers learning path we will discuss individual areas as they arise.
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