Big Blue Swim 2018

Endurance Test and Sponsored Swim 2018

——— UPDATE – 10/05/18 ———

Good Morning Swimmers & Co.

Wow, what a week last week was (Big Blue Swim), thanks to the parents who counted the lengths for us, it really made our jobs simpler.  Even with the High School Pool a tad to warm for the perfect swim you were all amazing.

So here’s the figures

236 Swimmers swam a total distance of 101,960m

In old money that’s 61.79 miles. 

That’s some big numbers to give you an idea its nearly the exact distance from The High School to my favourite UK Pool, Jesus Green Lido in Cambridge, that’s a Victorian era 92m outdoor pool, which I can highly recommend as a lovely drop of water to swim in if you happen to be in the area.

Sponsor Money – What do you need to do?

Transfer your sponsor money to swim school using your. childs name as a reference (first name & surname) this way I can keep track off it. 

our payment details are

Bank: Barclays

Sort Code: 20-62-68

Account Number: 0333 7235


Please can we get all the money together by the end of next week – Friday 18th May 2018

I’d like to get a presentation to @SUPERSTRONGSOPHIE as soon as possible.

One final word, the idea for raising money for Sophie came from one of our own swimmers – Florence (Tuesday at The Manor) – Florence asked if she could forgo her swimming lesson to raise money for Sophie, I was really taken aback. by the selfless generosity of someone so young who could see the benefit of giving a little of her own time to help someone in real need. Thank You Florence.

Please send the monies ASAP and we can tally up and make a real difference.


Kriston & The Team

——— UPDATE – 30/04/18 ———

Starting today Monday 30th April

How’s it going to work?

The first part of the swim will be un aided to see how far your swimmer can Go with no floats or assistance – we measure their technical ability here.

The second part is to see how far they can go for the remainder of their time in the pool, they will be permitted use of a fin, float or noodle. rests are allowed in this part – we are measuring their stamina here.

The third part is to get your sponsor money in for Sophie.

If you’d like to help us count lengths during your swimmers session please bring a pen, I have lengths tally sheets.

My team will be in the water ensuring everyone reaches their potential.

I will be logging everyone’s data for the certificates

See you poolside



To download a Sponsor Form click on the link below


To find out more about our good causes click on the pictures below

Dear Swimmers, Parents & Guardians.

As you know every quarter we like to run our endurance test to see how strong our swimmers are across all venues and at every level. This year we are starting with a twist. The Endurance test is going to become an (optional) sponsored swim, there are a couple of good causes we would like to raise funds for.

One of our swimmers has asked to raise funds for a little girl that some of you may have heard about called Sophie Taylor. She is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Osteosarcoma. I
teach so many children during my primary school lessons and in our swim school that either know of or go to school with Sophie or her family that I feel this is a great cause, Childhood Cancer.

I have also recently been away in Nottingham to CP Sport (Cerebral palsy specific charity) where I learnt a lot more about the condition and what support is available for people with CP and related conditions. CP Sport also offer a specific Swimming related CPD called ‘Movement in the Water’ that we can take advantage off, however this costs and its above our normal costs for courses. So I’d like to raise some money towards getting this CPD for my entire team as well.

To top it off I have been made aware of an excellent Autism CPD that is available as well and I’d like the potential to get this for my entire team as well.

So that’s 3 things we want to achieve this year. I hope you all agree it’s a great opportunity to support our local community and improve what we are able to offer to our swimmers and their families

There is a justgiving page set up for Sophie…but the organisation take a percentage of the funds raised…so I am attaching a traditional sponsorship form for you to print off and use, I will try and have some to hand out on poolside after Easter. If you would like to follow Sophies journey check out SuperstrongSophie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please don’t feel that the sponsored swim is compulsory, the endurance test will still take place and lengths will still be counted. I hope however you will all join in the spirit of the cause.

Many Thanks

Kriston & The Team at Pacific Blue